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Enjoy Superfun Vr Games And Bowling At Smaaash !

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What Makes It Awesome?

I recently visited Smaaash which is in amora mall for playing various games available over there. As I'm a big bowling fan, my friends and I started our gaming experience with bowling. They have multiple bowling areas where you can play bowling in a group of 5 people. These are bike and car races too which are perfect for all the kids to play and they'll surely enjoy it!

The game which I liked the most was the Vertigo! It is basically a VR game where you are taken 50 floors above the ground and you have to rescue a cat who is sitting on a narrow wooden plank at some distance. This game should not be played by the people who are scared of heights! But I was really thrilled and scared while playing it! My legs were literally shaking and there was always a fear of falling off from the plank. Eventually, I was able to rescue the cat and safely come back to the position from where I started.

Another VR game which I personally liked was the roller coaster ride and the dinosaur car ride game. You can design your own ride to make it more fun and complex! Super enjoyable and scary at the same time! Being a die-hard cricket fan I also batted for 2 overs where I wore pads, helmets and gloves and faced Brett lee through a balling machine! You can set the difficulty level as per your wish but I went for the easy one because I didn't want to get injured.

Penalty shootouts can be played too where there is a moving goalkeeper present who defends the ball from going into the net. Sadly I wasn't able to hit any goal in my 5 attempts. So do visit Smaaash if you want to play different VR games, bowling, ice hockey and other games too!