Enjoy The Sweet Treats In Benarasi Style From This Place!

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What Makes It Awesome?

The restaurant gets the name from their dine-in style in which they serve in traditional leaf plates made up of sal or banyan leaf, the dishes and taste mainly from the Benaras.

In recent, I got some of the sweets from them which are truly outstanding, so this what sweet treats look like.

Sweet Boondi, the crispy boondi perfectly soaked sugar syrup nor to dry not to greasy balance in the sweetness. One can't denies that the tremendous joy of having the simple yet equally delicious the sweet boondi this is one of those. Recommended for this.

Sheera/Sooji Halwa, one of the basic sweet dish but lasted in giving the impression. Roasted rawa in ghee balanced well in sweetness is the comfortable halwa tasted here. The grainy note of rawa topped with some pistachios is what make it more awesome and happy bite. Do check out this here.

Jalebi, when it is said the taste is mainly from the city of Benaras then how can we forgot this sweet dish. Surely, jalebi came up in the mind and one can surely drown in lush juice of jalebi. This is what exactly jalebi here made like, crisp from out and juicy from inside with the saffron colour. This is sweet which is not to miss here.

Moong Daal Halwa, one of the desserts which I loved the most here. The roast aroma of moong dal with the balance of sweetness, green cardamom powder, topped with some pistachios and the generous amount of ghee, this the halwa which you placed in your mouth and it slither down to your throat giving it impression how beautifully it was crafted with copious amounts of ghee. This is the fruit of intense labour, patience and effort gone to prepare such halwa and can't resist yourself to have another bite. The most highly recommend here.

While coming to packaging it was well-taken care come in plastic containers and timely delivered to the place.

Undoubtedly, this was one of the best sweet treats by Pattal surely would try some of the other dishes here too soon.

Happy Eating!