Easy-Peasy: Get Alcohol, Groceries & More Home-Delivered

When all you want to do is stay inside, stay cosy and wish things to get delivered to your doorstep. Isn’t it? Well here’s the thing – we have a list of essentials you can possibly get home-delivered in no time. Think alcohol, groceries, meat and more!

Seafood & Meat Delivery

Love to cook and eat fish, but can’t stand the idea of visiting a fish market? We know that feeling! We highly recommend you check out Fishvish, a Pune-based delivery joint that will bring fresh catch of the day to your doorstep. Prices range between INR 129 and INR 1,260, depending on the rarity of the meat. For more options, read our recommendation on seafood home-delivery here. For those who love chicken, mutton, turkey, pork and all things meaty, recommend you check out MeatRoot for fresh, processed or frozen meat. The good part is they have no minimum order policy, they deliver everywhere according to your time convenience and you can either make an online payment or do a COD. Besides MeatRoot, you can check out more delivery options here.

Alcohol Delivery

Dressing up on a lazy day to go out drinking is a real pain. But here’s a solution! How about getting your booze delivered to the doorstep in no time? No, we aren’t kidding. We hear Ghule Wines in Bavdhan delivers wine and beer within a radius of 8km around Bavdhan. They deliver between 12.00 pm (noon) and 10.00 pm and have a minimum order of INR 2,000. Residents of Viman Nagar here’s something for you too. Captor Beer And Wine Shoppe deliver alcohol till 11.00 pm and anywhere in Viman Nagar means free delivery. But remember, they have a minimum order of INR 1,000. For more areas, check out this recommendation here.
Liquor Stores

Ghule Wines

Blue Hill Society, Shop 4, NDA Pashan Road, Bavdhan, Pune


Get Fresh Juices & Healthy Salads Delivered

Started in the year 2016, Roots by Ritika Mathani delivers detoxifying juices, yummy smoothies and mouthwatering salads to your house. Hold on, that’s not it. You can also get homemade granola with nuts, seeds, grains and berries, home-delivered for a nutritious breakfast or perhaps a snack. For more details on their services, check out their website here.

Ice Cream Delivery

Ice cream deliveries are not uncommon. But when LBB recommends a service, it has to have a kickass speciality. Tipsy Tub is a new venture in Pune that delivers ice creams that are spiked with alcohol. How cool? They have five flavours that you can pick from. The Denial Drunk has chocolate truffle with dark rum and would be a favourite of all those who live for chocolate. For those that like coconut as a flavour, The Memory Monitor, with coconut and Malibu, sounds like a good pick. For more details, check out our recommendation here. Their tubs of 500ml come for INR 500, except for The Memory Monster which costs INR 600 for a tub. #LBBTip: They say they’d need at least a day’s notice, so make sure you plan in advance.