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Experience Amsterdam Vibes With Some Asian, European & North Indian Cuisines

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What Makes It Awesome?

One of the best place I've been to recently. First of all, I loved the name. The places give the exact Amsterdam vibes. Amsterdam is majorly known for its colourful buildings. And beauty all around. The same as you'll find after visiting Amsterdam. It's an all-day bar and grill. With some amazing Asian, European, North Indian etc cuisines. The restaurant staff humbly explains you every bit of what's served.

Ambience: Every little corner has something unique to see. The major attraction was the cruise set up for you'll to experience the cruise for some hours you spend there. Every seating setup is just beautiful, colourful and appealing.


Starting with the Mocktails I tasted,
1. Ocean Fizz
A citrus drink, orange drink basically but with a tinge of ginger. This great was a great refreshment.
2. Granny Smith
A green apple-based drink with some mint leaves for the perfect taste.
3. Plum Lady
A plum drink, this was something unique I tasted. Was great in taste.

Next came some fresh salads :

1. Asparagus, Grapes and toasted Flex Seed Salad
This salad is really to die for. Lettuce, asparagus, grapes, flax seeds and a tangy sauce. Also some amazing colourful edible flowers. This was an amazing salad to taste.
2. Satay Chicken Salad
Some flavoursome chicken pieces, fresh veggies, greens and lots of sauces.

Now some of the appetizing starters I tasted :

1. Pimento Crostini
Cute little toasted Bread circles with veggies and some flavourful sauces on it. With lots of cheese topped over the toasts. Loved this one.
2. Paneer Makhani Bao
This one was the best thing I had yesterday. A bao with a Paneer Makhani filling. This ones #highlyrecommended The Paneer Makhani was so tempting. A unique dish with an amazing taste.
3. Kadhai Chicken Tikka
A delectable special chicken tikka with so many spices. The chicken was very well marinated. And the taste was amazing.
4. Sambal Prawn Seekers
Juicy prawns with the exact spice needed. The Prawns were so luscious and yum.
5. Paneer Tikka Tacos
The Tacos were so Crispy and the inner filling of the Paneer Tikka was just heavenly. Lots of sauces and mayonnaise made it delectable. Also, the tacos were served with a tangy yet sweet green apple chutney, which made the combination perfectly perfect!

Now the Main course:

1. 8 hours Braised Lamb of Shank + Pilaf Rice + Jus
An extra juicy lamb which was braised for 8 hours
Lamb Braising is earlier slow frying the lamb and then stewing it in a closed container. Served with some pilaf rice, which is Pilaf is a rice dish, or in some regions, a wheat dish, whose recipe usually involves cooking in stock or broth, adding spices, and other ingredients such as vegetables or meat, and employing some technique for achieving cooked grains that do not adhere. Also garnished with some beautiful edible flowers which make the dish more appealing.
2. Prawns Goan Curry with Stream rice
A luscious Goan curry which had extra juicy prawns. The curry had well balance spices and flavours. Prawan lovers must try this out. Also, the dish had some fish chips as a compliment.
3. Pumpkin Ravioli
This was my favourite for the main course we had.
Soft Ravioli with lots of veggies and sauces. Some bread croutons over the top and colourful edible flowers too. Recommended!
4. Rawas with Fennel stew
A juicy raw fish oven-baked to perfection. And the fennel stew was just so amazing. Every bite refreshed the appetite perfectly.
5. 5 spice Chicken with Crispy Potato and Chared Beans
The chicken was well cooked with so many spices and some crispy potatoes and some amazing charred beans and fresh greens with veggies.

And now the best part, the desserts

1. White Chocolate with Tangerine Cream Brulee
The desserts served here are just heavenly. Hands down this were the best cream brulee I've ever had. The tanginess of the tangerine and other fruits, the sweet luscious white chocolate custard and then the crisp caramel layer over the custard. This was just amazing. The crackle of the caramel is still fresh in my mind.
2. Banoffee Pie
Also the best banoffee pie to date. The pie was so moist and soft.
Melted in my mouth. The cream and bananas over it were so tasty. Hands down to this one too.
3. Walnut Pie
A cute little walnut pie served with some vanilla icecream. The pie had a velvety texture and was so amazing. Loved this one too.

All in all this place is one of the best places I've recently visited. Its definitely in my highly recommended list. Every dish I tasted was heavenly. And I am Sure gonna return to taste some more of their delicacies very soon! Truly loved the placed and enjoyed my time thoroughly.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

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Family, Big Group, Bae, Kids, Pets