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Kiddos! Here's An Ultimate Gifting Guide For Pop-Culture & Movie-Loving Dads

    Is your dad a cinephile, comic buff, or a pop-culture lover? If yes, save this article. We found some awesome online brands that boast of an interesting range of merch that revolves around movies, pop-culture, anime, music, etc. This Father's Day, do away with cliched gift options such as wallets, belts, shirts, office bags, and gift him this awesome merch instead. We bet he'll be as excited to see these gifts as we are while telling you about them!

    Funky Pop Dolls & Movie Collectibles From The Entertainment Store

    Whenever someone visits this store, everyone turns into jumping kids. The Entertainment Store, a Bengaluru-based pop-culture store also has a website along with several offline stores. Is your dad a Marvel or a DC fan? From funky-pop dolls to figurines, doll sets to other merchandise like tees, collectibles, badges, mugs, and actual items shown in the movie, you can find it all here. The price range for pop- dolls start at INR 1,099 while a pair costs around INR 3,099. They also have Harry Potter-themed merch along with movie kits comprising collectibles shown in that movie.

    Pop-Culture & TV Series Tees From The Souled Store

    The Souled Store

    Available Online

    It is a well-known fact that The Souled Store is paradise for pop culture merchandise. Browse through their website and find some amazing graphic tees for men starting at INR 299 only. If your dad loves pop-culture, there is no dearth of full/half-sleeved tees, polos, hoodies, etc. They have multiple themed collections after sitcoms, movies, Marvel, DC, cartoons, anime, musicians, etc. They also have printed boxer combos that you can gift your dad.

    Bollywood Posters & Laptop Skins From PosterGully

    Poster Gully

    Available Online

    'Kitne aadmi the?', 'Mogambo khush hua', 'Mere Karan Arjun ayenge', 'Pushpa, I Hate Tears', 'Martini- Shaken, not stirred', 'Why So Serious' — these are some of the classic Bollywood and Hollywood movie dialogues from films that your dads must have grown up watching. There is no other way than making your cine buff dad happy than gifting him quirky movie posters from PosterGully- an online store for exclusive posters and other thematic merch. They have some amazing posters of all sizes with quotes, sketches, and pics of iconic movie stars starting at INR 125 only. Other than that, you can also check out other merch such as themed coffee mugs, coasters, and laptop skins.

    Bobbleheads From Indiabobbles

    India Bobbles

    Available Online

    This brand will bring out a hidden child in every pop-culture crazy dad. Virat Kohli, Big B, Gabbar, Abdul Kalam — buy funky bobbleheads from Indiabobbles, India's exclusive bobblehead figurine store. Their collection also features some of the popular cartoon figurines such as Popeye-Olive pair, Men In Black, Avengers, etc. Won't these make for a funky gift for your dad's car dashboard?

    Comics From The Comic Book Store

    Gone are the days when we relaxed with comics and milkshake and forgot what time was! If your dad happens to be a comic book nerd, gift him this unique experience. How, you ask? The Comic Book Store is an exclusive online comic book store that will spoil you for choice and take your dad down the memory lane. X-Men, Star Wars, Infinity Wars, Marvel, DC, Archies, Asterix, Disney- you just name it and they will have it! From old to latest editions, there won't be a single comics that you won't be able to find. The prices start at INR 199 only!