From Fire & Ice To Choco-Almond: Places That Sell The Deadliest Paans Ever

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Ten-Second Takeaway

Kalkatta meetha, 120, 300 Kalkatta, scented; if you’re familiar with these terms you are definitely a Paan lover. So folks, we’ve got you best of paan shops and vendors in town!

Shaukeen, The Complete Paan Shop

For the shaukins of Paan, Shaukeen at Nal stop has an entire menu of more than 20 paans to choose from! We highly recommend you try their deadly fire and ice paan for INR 30 each. Chocolate lovers, must-try their roasted almond choco paan for INR 35. We hear their combination of strawberry and black current paan is worth a try!


Get your mouth full with delicious paans from Siddheshwar Paan shop in Pimple Saudagar near Kalpataru, starting at INR 20 for a saada paan and shooting upto INR 300 for their special fusion paans!

Rudra Paan Shop

A humble shop outside wadia college {engineering new building’s back gate}, serves paans dipped in strawberry, white chocolate and even the classic dark chocolate! All this at approximately INR 50 a piece.

Naad Paan Boutique

Naad on Karve road near Karve Putla, has a wide assortment of paans to choose from starting at INR 10 only! From meethi Benarasi paan to a fusion of pista-chocolate, they got it all. Priced at INR 70, we loved their special paan which is combination of multiple dry fruits, a sweet jelly, cherries and fruits cut into tiny pieces.

Paan Shop Outside Murphy's

After a complete meal at Murphy’s, just outside, you can have a delicious paan by choosing anything from classic kalkatta meetha to chocolate paans. The paans here will cost INR 20 upwards.