This Community Space In Balewadi Encourages The Neighbourhood To Stay Fit!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Staying fit is not an activity anymore, it’s become a lifestyle choice. Going to the gym or dieting has become a common practice among all age groups but do you remember those days when we didn’t have to think about staying fit specifically? When playing outdoors with friends was our exercise. With growing technology, outdoor activities have reduced but some initiatives are still encouraging going out and enjoying the environment. 

On Balewadi High Street, you’ll see a huge basketball and badminton court. This space was built almost a year ago to encourage young adults to come out and socialise and relive their childhood. We know opening a community fitness area right opposite several bars isn’t the best idea but hey! It works! The space is almost full everyday with teenagers playing their heart out. On weekend mornings, you’ll even see middle-aged men playing basketball and catching up with their friends. There is also a space for skateboarding, which definitely attracts a lot of people. If you are looking to just jog or do some cardio, there is space for that too. 

This community space was built keeping the well being of the neighbourhood in mind but more often you’ll notice people from all over the city coming here. It’s absolutely free of cost and it’s a great space to meet people who share the same passion for a game that you like. So if you are looking to do something different this weekend, head over to this community space and relive some of your childhood.

Pro Tip

Make sure you carry your own gear and sport accessories as there are none provided there.