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5 Cool Things Every FLAME Student Must Know About The Campus

Divya posted on 18th May

FLAME University (formerly, FLAME – Foundation for Liberal and Management Education) is considered the ‘Pioneers of Liberal Education in India’. If you’re planning to go or are even currently studying at FLAME University, here are some cool things you need to know.

Their Summer Immersion Program for High School Students

FLAME’s Summer Immersion Program is a 2-week course that takes place in May, specifically for High School students. Through this immersive course, these students will be able to, ‘experience life in a liberal education University campus’, while engaging in inter-disciplinary modules (both academic and non-academic). The emphasis here is on ‘critical thinking, research, engagement with diverse ideas and perspectives while inculcating the values of leadership, teamwork and effective communication’, and students must apply for the course in advance. The Summer Immersion Program for 2018 is concluding soon, so if you are interested or know someone who might be eligible (anyone between grades X – XII),  check the course details here and apply for next year.

You Get To Live On A World-Class Campus...

FLAME University’s campus is spread over 53 acres of lush green landscape, just 13km away from Pune University. This expansive campus also houses student and faculty residences, a fantastic library, a recording studio, store and even eateries. There’s also an elected student council, four student ‘houses’, and student clubs for photography, music, theatre, poetry, and dance (to name a few). Faculty mentoring, group projects/workshops, international student exchanges, and the Dean’s ‘Roll of Honor’ will give you the full ‘University’ experience unlike most other colleges and universities in India.

There’s also ‘FLAME Fest’ – their annual inter-house student cultural fest, where student houses compete against each other in categories like dance, singing, debate, public speaking, etc.

...And Enjoy Access to Sports

Sports here is mandatory for all students – which we think is a good way to develop competitive skills, and balance out the stress of studying. What’s coolest about them is that they’re one of the very few campuses in India with their own 18-hole golf course!

There’s also an international-size cricket ground, a football turf, swimming pool, all-weather surface courts for basketball, tennis, and volleyball, as well as a gymnasium. They also offer indoor sporting facilities like billiards, table-tennis, badminton, and chess – so you’ll always have variety in your sporting options. Their annual inter-collegiate sporting competition – Kurukshetra – brings together 75+ educational institutions to compete with each other the aforementioned sports, and attracts ‘sports enthusiasts and celebrities from across India’.

Benefit From International Collaborations With Top Institutions

Students get access to several leading international colleges and universities, like Wellesley College, Buffield College (University of Oxford), Yale University, and Babson College, (to name a few). These international collaborations open the doors to a mutually beneficial cultural and educational exchange, one which will certainly add bonus points to your experience. Their Vivekananda Library is the first ever international branch of Edinburgh’s ‘Library of Mistakes’.

Enrich Your Education Through The FLAME Scholars Program

The FLAME Scholars Program is a 4th-year optional residential program, which builds on the foundation of the undergraduate liberal education you’ll receive as a student here. The duration of this program is for one year, and it can help a person better understand the field of their chosen specialization, as well as equip you with skills that will prepare you for higher studies. At the completion of this course, the student receives a postgraduate diploma in one of their three offered fields. For more information on courses and requirements, check out their Scholars Program here.

Anything Else?

FLAME’s campus is gorgeous, and we also recommend you pay them a visit to get the full experience before you make up your mind. You can even check out their campus through their website here.

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