Grab A Bite At These Eateries

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All that shopping has to make you hungry right? SGS Mall might be a small property but it is equally good when it comes to food options. From your favorite fast food joints like McDonalds, Pizza Hut and McDonalds to some local food joints, there is something for everyone. Here are a few food joints in SGS Mall that caught our eye: 


Some crispy fried chicken? Yes, please! KFC can never get old. From kids to the older generation, everyone loves to feast on some juice fried chicken. You can go for their mix buckets which comes with the different flavours of friend and grilled chicken or make a meal out of their burger and rice combos, starting at INR 190. We also love their new range of crushers that are thick flavoured shakes starting at only INR 69.

Donut Magic

Who doesn't like donuts? Donut MAgic has some amazing flavours for really afforadable prices. Their basic tange consist of normal glazed donuts and cinamon flavoured ones for less than INR 100. You must try their chocolate glazed and oreo donuts again for less than INR 100. If you want to mix it up then go ahead invest in their box of six and twelve donuts for INR 300 and 500.

A'HA Snack Bar

Grab some chai and some snacks at this local snacks bar inside the SGS mall called A'HA Snack Bar. We love their combos starting at INR 170 that comes with fries, sandwich and a drink. You can also try their fresh fruit smoothies that are high on vitamin starting at INR 110. 


When it comes to fast food, what better than Mc'Donalds? One of the first branches in Pune, this Mc'Donald's hardly runs out of any of their supplies. Try their meals or go for their desserts. A meal for 2 will cost you approximately INR 400.

Pizza Hut

The outlet of Pizza Hut at SGS Mall is one of the oldest in the city and serves some of the most freshly baked pizzas. Try out their corporate lunch and dinner menus which comes with one starter, a personal pan pizza and a drink starting at INR 499. If you want you can also go for their pastas which are creamy and hearty.