Lose Up To 7 Kgs In 6 Weeks With An Easy Diet By Food Revolution


Did you know a fit healthy body needs two essential factors – 80% diet and only 20% workout! But how many of us really put in thoughts on what we consume? At Food Revolution, by Aanchal Dutta and Amit Sakpal, it’s all about breaking diet myths and getting in to a lifestyle that will forever change the way you think about food!

The Background Story

It all goes back to Aanchal’s inspiring story of losing 7kgs in less than 30 days. Overweight with PCOD since the age of 13, Aanchal had tried everything from sweating it out in gyms to extensive dieting, but all in vain, until she met Amit.

A robotics engineer & a MBA, Amit is also a certified sports nutritionist from K Eleven Academy of Nutrition and Fitness Science which is affiliated to National Skill Development Corporation and Pearson Assured. He had transformer over 2000 people, across the globe, within a short span of time.

When Aanchal consulted with Amit, it was almost like an eye-opener to her. For starters, the concept of a regular Indian diet comprising rotis, rice and dal, does nothing good to your health. In fact, this diet can lead to weight gain, diabetes and other health problems. Shocking, right?

What worked for Aanchal was something known as the ‘Low Carb, High Fat’ diet! What does this mean? Simply put: get rid of flours, cereals, bread products, nuts, sugary drinks, wheat, packaged food, animal fat etc. Incorporate lean meat, butter, ghee, green veggies, fresh fruits, eggs, good quality cheese and paneer in your diet.

The results were more than astonishing! Not only did Aanchal lose tremendous amount of weight, the change in lifestyle cured her PCOD within two months.

Impressed with her own transformation, Aanchal studied and researched on the subject. Today, she is a certified sports nutritionist from K Eleven Academy of Nutrition and Fitness Science and the co-founder of Food Revoultion.

How Will It Help Me?

Having over 2,000 clients across 20 countries, Food Revolution has a success rate of almost 100%. They have an extremely simple way of dealing with health issues and weight problems – changing your lifestyle through food and intermittent fasting sans supplements, expensive products and therapies. The sessions comprise of one-on-one client counselling, diet chart, BMI check, follow-up calls and instruction material.

In case, if you’re wondering, this diet will be about extreme fasting and eating non-appetising food, you’re WRONG. From almond flour pizzas, to tandoori chicken, paneer, smoked salmon, green smoothies, no carb dosas, tuscan chicken and more, you will get to eat them all in controlled portions and eventually lose weight!

If you’re sold {just the way, we are}, get in touch with Food Revolution and enroll here. Let your transformation story begin!

But, if you’re still not convinced, check out these success stories by Food Revolution, and decide for yourself.

Anything Else?

The programs at Food Revolution is spread across weeks – from a 4-week package to a 30-week transformation package. Selection of a program mainly depends on how much weight you need to lose, health issues and your lifestyle.

The ‘start up fit’ 4-week package will cost INR 4,999 and will lead to 3-4kgs of fat loss, 2-inch loss and better stamina. If you’re looking to shed more than 10 kgs, go for the 14-week package {INR 14,999} that guarantees 13-14 kg fat loss, seven-inch loss and muscle gain.

Every program comes with counselling sessions, follow-ups, diet charts, recipe index and more.

So, We're Saying...

Boost your metabolism, change your perception and embrace the fit life with Food Revolution!