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You Can Get A Chicken Steak Burger & Cold Coffee Together For Only INR 120 At Burger In Koregaon Park

2008 Interested |

What Makes It Awesome

Burger, a perfect place to head to if you want to eat some delicious food even when you're on a budget. Burger is a food joint located next to ABC Farms, Mudhwa, easier way to get the address - right in front of High Spirits at Koregaon Park.

If you have been looking for a place in Pune where you can eat tasty food under INR 150 in immense quantity, your search is then over. Head to Burger with your friends at any time after 11:30am and before 10:30pm, this place has various food items to savour in your mouth. Grab a chicken steak burger for just INR 90, jumbo chicken burger for INR100, in beverages, take away cold coffee for only INR 30, and ice tea for even less as it is only for INR 20.

The juicy burgers will taste like heaven melting in your mouth, the sauces are also just perfect, nothing less, not more. The bread is always fresh and the burger is consistently cooked well. From the first bite, you will experience a foodgasm.

What Could Be Better?

Even though a lot of people aren’t aware of this burger joint, there are a number of people who are still aware of it, making this place quite crowded. If you aren't a fan of eating in crowded places then, you can simply takeaway your order to eat it in a peaceful place. This spot is definitely very cheap but the ambience of this place isn't quite good again, you can just takeaway. Be patient because due to the number of people coming there all the time, it takes time for your food to arrive though, the waiting is period is not that long and service is nice.

What's My Pro Tip?

Must-try the Chicken Steak Burger!

Anything Else?

This joint is truly made for food lovers - if you're a person who doesn't eat gol gappa from the streets and are too concerned about hygiene {because there's no glass door to give you the view of kitchen} and ambience, don't go there but if you really want to have an amazing food experience in pennies, don't think twice to visit Burger!