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Keyboard Organisers, Planters & More: Have You Checked Out The 3-D Art From This Design Studio?

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What Makes It Awesome?

If you want to add grandeur to your space, you must always put up a piece of art. Giving a twist to regular art, Form3D design studio is a product design company in Koregaon Park where you will find amazing 3-D art pieces. From home-decor to wall-art, you will find it all here.

With an office in Koregaon Park, Form3d designs solutions for clients. For an average person, a company like this wouldn’t mean much. Except, Form3d’s quotient of cool is quite high. So they push their designers to come up with stuff people could adorn their desks and homes with or use as gifts. They’re all about customised items.  We loved the warli-painted candles the most.

Their website and Instagram page display a small collection of their designs. You’ll find keyboard organisers to prop onto your keyboard to keep handy knick-knacks like posts-its, paper clips, pins, pens and whatnot. You can get customised pen stands and card holders, planters, candles, coasters, lamps, jewellery organisers and more.

Any design you may need is created and a mould is printed out of a 3D printer. Once the mould is ready, they pour in cement (for planters) or wax (for candles) or whatever material that’s needed to make the product you’ve picked. The best part is that you can even print a single item, so whether your order is one or more, you can still get it.

Shop for their items from their website or call them and drop by their office to get your dosage of fun decor and accessories. Their prices are affordable too. Keyboard organisers cost INR 650, earphone organisers start at INR 320. Jewellery stands start at INR 525, planters will set you back INR 950. But there’s a lot more that they can design apart from what you’ll spot on their website and social media pages.

To check out their works, you can take a look at their social media handles, Apart from visiting the space, you can also place your orders by messaging them. 

What Could Be Better?

Perhaps more options to shop from on their website or a list of their stockist would be super helpful.


We love their keyboard organiser. Shop for one if you want a clean workspace whether you’re working from home or out of an office.