Bed, Cabinets & More: Buy Cheap Furniture In Pune Starting At INR 350


Shifted to a new house and want to redecorate? It's best to be on a budget, always. If you're looking to shop for cheap good quality furniture in Pune, these markets are where you should go. 

Bajirao Road

Get a customised king-size bed or a kitchen cabinet, at half the price at Bajirao Road, stretching across Puram Chowk near Shaniwarwada. We loved the quality of work tables and chairs out there! The prices start at INR 600 and come in various sizes depending upon your requirements. If you’re looking for a second-hand metal almirah in good condition, starting at INR 1,400, Bajirao Road must be checked out.

Juna Bazaar

One of the oldest markets in the city, Juna Bazaar near Kasba Peth is a treasure trove of everything old, antique and unique. If you’re looking for second-hand wrought iron furniture for your home, head to this place right now! Beds start at INR 1,800, small-sized wardrobes for INR 500 and plastic chairs and tables are priced INR 350 onwards. The trick to get a good deal at Juna Bazaar is to bargain. So bring in your A-game and get yourself new furniture at a handsome discount.

Poona Cheap Store

This small local store in Shukrawar Peth has everything from chairs to tables, book and shoe racks, plastic clothe-hangers and more. The furniture at the Poona Cheap Store, by all means, is cheap and durable. Don’t expect a lot in terms of variety, albeit the stuff will resolve your short-term needs if you’ve just moved in the city. Plastic chairs and tables are priced at INR 350 and above, single-door metal wardrobes {not the Godrej ones} come for INR 5,000 onwards and small book/shoe racks start at INR 650.

Khadki Bazaar

The small-scale furniture stores near Khadki Bazaar are a must-visit if you’re looking for something affordable yet long-lasting. We loved the dressing tables out there, starting at INR 3,000. The second-hand sofa sets are a tad bit expensive, ranging between INR 2,500 and INR 8,000, depending on the size and design you select.


The furniture dealers in Wakad, standing in a row, next to each other, are a blessing if you’re hunting for brand-new yet cheap furniture for your household. From beds to wardrobes, cabinets, wrought-iron cots, small sofa sets, dinning tables, you name it and you will get it at half the price. Single-size beds of six-feet height and four-feet width, start at INR 3,500. Get a double-rack bedside table for INR 400 and a medium-sized wardrobe starting at INR 2,000.