Hanging Lamps, Swings & Bookshelves: Buy Cane Furniture From This 20-Year-Old Shop In Pashan

    Pashan, Pune


    Located at the Baner-Pashan signal, right next to a cute nursery we discovered earlier, we found a quaint cane store and here’s all that we loved about it.

    Tell Me More

    Gangaya Cane Shop is about 20-years-old and is home to all things cane. From lamps to cocoon swings, book shelves, baskets, trays and chairs, every product here has been painstakingly handcrafted by artists from Andhra Pradesh. If you’re looking to upgrade your home in earthy tones and statement furniture, Gangaya is the place to be. Look forward to colourful trays and flower baskets starting INR 200 upwards, oval-shaped stools for INR 3,000, bookshelves ranging between INR 2,000 and INR 5,000 {depending on the size}, swings for INR 15,000, curvy hanging lamps and round lampshades, starting at INR 600 and so much more. What’s also amazing is that they make customised furniture if you already have a design in mind.

    So, We're Saying...

    The pricing isn’t the cheapest, albeit the quality and design make up for everything else. Give them a visit and get yourself something awesome for the house.
      Pashan, Pune