This Cafe Might Be The Only Place To Get Delicious & Unique Gourmet Cakes In Pune

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What Makes It Awesome

There is no other standalone cafe in Pune that serves gourmet cakes {and pastries} like this. When you pay here, you pay for the great quality, generous quantity and the exotic, exclusive flavours. Move over red velvets and chocolate cakes, here is a cafe that will give you an option of booking a fresh banana caramel cake, or a cake full of berries and fruits, or an exotic combination of the best chocolates in the world.

If this is your first time at this cafe, we highly recommend the giotto gateaux, whoopee pies and hot chocolate.

What Could Be Better?

We could do with a whole new range of exotic flavours {read more berries, fruits}.

What's My Pro Tip?

Opt for the hot chocolate instead of a coffee at your next meeting here. Or opt for a pizza slice or jalapeño role if you're in the mood for something savoury. Their chocolate marble slices make the best gifts.

Anything Else?

The cakes and pastries work as the perfect celebration accessories. Don't know what to gift someone? Get them a box of chocolates or a chocolate cake or maybe even a Giotto Gateaux pastry! Have a birthday to celebrate? Let's cut a banana caramel cake!