Gifting Dilemma? Here's What You Can Gift Your Scorpio Buddies


    Intuitive, mysterious, intense, passionate, observant, fiery, and even a little vindictive — Don't you agree that Scorpios are enigmatic beings? No wonder when it comes to gifting your Scorpio friends, parents, or bae, you have to put in a lot of thought. Keeping in mind some insightful options, here's an awesome gifting guide for those belonging to the sun sign Scorpio that will bring a smile on their face.

    Scorpio Zodiac Necklace From Kuberlo

    Let's start with the cliches! Scorpios love minimalist and sleek designs. Why not gift them a sleek rose gold or white gold plated Scorpio zodiac sign lucky necklace from Kuberlo. These necklaces are perfect for office wear as well as parties. They also come with a one-year guarantee and are priced at INR 799 and INR 899 respectively. Shop now and impress your friends with this classy gift.

    Agate Coasters From Jaypore

    Scorpios are organised and meticulous people who love to lead a prim and proper lifestyle. When hosting a party, nobody loves to see water rings on the table, especially Scorpios. Why not surprise them with a set of handcrafted Agate coasters that are super stylish from Jaypore? These coaster combos come in Amethyst, aquamarine and multi-coloured jewelled Agate. They are chic, classy, and perfect to hold your glasses. 

    Honeymoon Game Sets From Oye Happy

    Looking to add a bit of spice in your love life? Worry not! Scorpios are known to be intense and passionate lovers who are always willing to try something new! The honeymoon Check & Mate couple game, as well as Dice & Spice set, from Oye Happy, is sure to add zest to your love life. Ditch cheezy couple gifts and surprise them with these instead. 

    Smart Jacket From The House Of Rare

    Scorpios have a thing for earthy and solid tan colours. Why not gift your Scorpio guy a sexy leather jacket? Check out the smart jacket and blazer collection from The House Of Rare, a label known for its tailor-made crisp outfits. The choice of gift resonates with the vibe of this water sign, ie, classic and chic. 

    French Press Coffee Machine

    A daily dose of caffeine means a lot to Scorpios! Not to forget, their penchant for strong coffees. Hence buying a gift for a Scorpian is simple when it involves coffee. Check out the fabulous collection of Instacuppa's French-press coffee makers that are handy and affordable. You can also check out mugs, other coffee makers, thermos, sippers, etc for coffee aficionados. 

    Wine Racks From The White Teak Company

    Scorpios are very possessive about their wines. Let them flaunt their grape juice collection in a classy teak wine rack from The White Teak Company. They have their signature Never Too Many Wine rack too that can be a classy addition to a home bar or living room. 

    Planners & To-Do Notepads From The Ink Bucket

    Organised and super meticulous, Scorpios love to stay up to the mark. How about gifting them a motivating planner from The Ink Bucket? This online stationery and home decor brand by Vidhi Khandelwal has beautiful botanical illustrations and in-depth pages. They also have many pocket planners and notepads to choose from. The 2021 planners are out already! Here's a sneak peek.

    Shower Kits From Spruce Shave Club

    Shower Trio | Body Wash, Intimate Wash, Shampoo

    Shower Trio | Body Wash, Intimate Wash, Shampoo

    Scorpios love to take care of themselves. A shower kit will make for a perfect gift for them! Shop for a shower kit comprising body wash, intimate wash, and shampoo from Spruce Shave Club. The brand is known to create premium grooming and body care range for men using the mix of modern science and ancient herbal knowledge. You can shop for these products on Shop LBB.

    Girls and the City By Manreet Sodhi

    Buy Girls and the City Book Online at Low Prices in India | Girls and the City Reviews & Ratings -

    We know Scorpios love reading, hence nothing like a gifting a new book. Manreet Sodhi's new book, Girls and the City is a riveting tale of three girls who are living in a big city and living their lives through everyday relatable problems as well as current and relevant issues such as the #MeToo movements and the #BoysLockerRoom scandal. Do you know what's even cooler? The book is centred around on a murder mystery. Something that will pick the grey cells for sure.