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This Travel Portal Has Glamping Packages For Those Who Can't Survive The Wild


    What Makes It Awesome

    Have a long weekend and you are someone who doesn't like to hustle much? Glamping is just the right thing for you. Dial-up Glamp Everest, who will arrange for excellent glamping facilities in different locations across Pune such as Pawana, Bhatghar, and other natural outdoors.

    The word is a mixture of glamour and camping, so essentially while you camp, there is a glam touch given to your tents. Enjoy staying in cozy luxury tents with comfy bedding and lots of cushions. These glamping trips are best if you are looking for a romantic getaway with bae.

    Glamp Everest is a travel portal socialising in glamping trips. Run by Anju Mishra and Ashutosh Singh, Glamp Everest will arrange everything for you. Either you can request them for a specific location or keep your eyes open for their mass glamping trips that they host in Pawana, Bhatgar and other locations.

    We love that you can enjoy luxuries without burning a hole in your pocket. The package starts at INR 2,000 only and includes a camp stay, food, bbq, bonfire and unlimited fun. The next time you want to surprise bae, book these glam tents and enjoy a surreal experience.

    How Much Did It Cost

    ₹1000 - ₹3000

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