Got The Sherlock Bug In You? Prove Yourself At Pune's First Live Escape Game Room

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What Makes It Awesome?

Located on Dastur Meher Road in Camp, ResQRoom is Pune's first ever live mystery room. Not virtual, but a series of mysteries that you and your team need to solve in 60 minutes.

How does it work? Select the game you want to play. You and your team will be locked in one room. There will be clues scattered everywhere - from words to numbers, photographs, writings on the walls and certain objects. Solve these clues; find the key; escape the room and come out as a winner.

Will there be horror elements? None, whatsoever! In fact, every room will be well lit. The game comes down to your level of logical understanding. If you and your squad get stuck on a clue, the ResQRoom team will come to your aid. But that, of course, comes with a cost! You lose two minutes from the clock for each hint from the in-house team.

Age: 10+. For bookings, visit here - { }. Price: Starting at INR 1,200/per game for two.

What's My Pro Tip?

Each mission at ResQRoom is designed to accommodate two to 21 players. Our recommendation: Get your big squad of over 10 people, team up and have a great weekend.

Anything Else?

There are three kinds of games at ResQRoom - Murder at Singhania Mansion, Prison Escape and Save India Mission. The first one revolves around a mysterious murder of city's respected billionaire, Sanjay Singhania. You and your team have exactly 60 minutes to catch the murderer.

The second one, Prison Escape is for those who like to challenge the law and order. Imagine this: You're an internationally recognized escape artist, and you've been a prisoner at Tihar Jail for the last 10 years. You've tried to escape but failed miserably. However, every failure taught you something. What do you do now? Brainstorm. And escape in 60 minutes!

Mission: Save India is about saving the country from a terrorist attack. You're, obviously, the best agent in India. You've 60 minutes to prove that. Sounds like fun? Book your mystery now!