Planning A Netflix Marathon? You NEED These Popcorn Tubs & Monster Bars From Decadenz

    What Makes It Awesome?

    The next time you are planning your Netflix marathon, make sure you do not enjoy it empty-handed? Get gourmet popcorn tubs, choco monster bars, dark choco and everything that will comfort your soul from Decadenz, a snack brand that you'll totally love. 

    Love snacking on chocolates? Snack guilt-free on the monster dessert bars that contain no added preservatives, sugar, or anything harmful. Try out the cookie and creme bar that is high on protein. If you are a fan of fresh fruit, you'll totally love the blueberry bar. The creamy peanut butter bar is worth a try too.

    Golden caramel, cafe mocha, just choco and creamy candy- these are the flavours of gourmet popcorn that they offer in the form of a mini tub. The packaging is super artsy and the taste is simply amazing. 

    When it comes to choco snacks, Decadenz is one great snack brand.


    The products are available on Shop LBB at reasonable prices! A monster dessert bar costs INR 100 only, making satiating your sweet tooth, easy on your pocket! The gourmet popcorn mini tubs cost just INR 60. Check out the tub combos where you can enjoy 4 different flavours.