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Melange Of Culture & Harmony: Take A Tour Of Mock Village of Pune

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The Simple Life

Nestled in Pashan, the Late Sanjay Mahadeo Nimhan Gram Sanskruti Udyan a.k.a Pune's mock village is a potpourri of the city's rich history, cultural importance and communal harmony. A peaceful place for a memorable trip, this mock village is worth visiting.

With attention to detail, the mock village is meticulously designed and wears the exact look of a small, peaceful village. The simple lifestyle of village-folk was palpable. There are rows of houses, each one belonging to an individual of a particular profession. We saw homes with human-like figurines performing chores and going about their day.

You'll find homes of vaidya (doctor), munshi (accountant), shikshak (teacher), butcher, shepherd, farmer, shop-keeper and others. There's a mock school as well, where you could see many figurines of children playing. The best part about the place was the wada - a large mansion with stables for cattle and horses. The wada truly reflected the culture and rich heritage of the zamindars. 

There was a mock akhada (fighting arena) too and markets, all creating a life-like scene of the village life. It's fun to explore the place by evening.

Melange Of Culture & Harmony

The village was designed in such a way that it promoted cultural and religious harmony. People from all religions were co-existing in a peaceful manner in the same locality.

The udyan also promotes schools and educational institutes to organise field trips and to provide students a peek into the village life and to take home a lesson in harmony.

What Could Be Better?

The entry fee for adults is INR 50 while for kids and school teams, it is INR 30. However, if you are a foreigner, the entry is INR 150, which is exorbitant.


We suggest you visit the place to experience simpler times and serenity. Visit during the evening and avoid a hot day. This place is also ideal for school trips and educational institutes.