Green Dumplings, Anyone? This Unique Culinary Creation Is A Vegetarian Delight

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Move over, steamed and fried dumplings, the green-colour dumpling at Panash – Four Points By Sheraton, is winning our hearts {and belly}.

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We recently tried the green dumplings at Panash, and here’s what we thought. Made of lotus root flour and spinach, the outer layer is quite thick and juicy. However, a bite into the filling immediately adds a certain softness to the dish. Stuffed with roughly cut seasoned veggies, bok choy, mushroom and celery, these dumplings are fresh as a breeze with a beautiful Asian after-taste. Served with schezwan and chilli soya sauce, we feel we have a winner of a ‘healthy’ dumpling out here. Meat eaters, there’s no ‘green’ option for you. But, we recommend you try this and we bet you’ll change your mind.


So, We're Saying...

If you don’t love veggies, trust us, you’ll start loving them after this.