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Check Out This Popular Makeup Artist's Top Self Care Product Picks

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Self care has become a necessity for a good mental health. We asked Saba Poonawalla, Pune's popular makeup artist and hairstyle expert about her favourite self care skin and bodycare products and she happily dished out her self care tips. She also owns a beauty salon in Camp, Pune by the name La Belle Salon, conducts makeup workshops and is certainly one of the top-most makeup artists in the city. Organic, local, and cruelty-free, she belives in using susatainble products only. Check them out.

Arata's Body Lotion With Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter & Coconut Oil

Body Lotion With Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter & Coconut Oil


Saba chose this nourishing body lotion by Arata that has the goodnss of shea butter, cocoa butter and coconut oil. She recommends using the lotion even during hot weather. Her tip is to use them on the feet to keep them hrdrated and crack-free. Aside from the clean product, even the packing is reusable.

Price: INR 299

Seven Chakra's Guava Body Scrub

Guava Body Scrub


Saba is big on natural scrubs and herself experiments with many options. One of her favourites is the guava body scrub by Seven Chakras, a 100% natural and cruelty-free beauty and skincare brand. It actually contains real guava pulp, essential oils and sugarcane juice! It will leave your skin clean and moisturised after exfoliation. 

Price: INR 500

Bare Necessities's Expresso Yourself Coffee Scrub

Expresso Yourself Coffee Scrub


Love coffee's smell? Saba recommends using Bare Necessities's Expresso Yourself Coffee Scrub that is made of real ground coffee beans and organic coconut oil. Do away with all the dirt and excess oil on your body and get a refreshed and invigorated skin after the usage. It might sound repetitive but it smells amazing! Plus, the brand is zero-waste.

Price: INR 531

Ilana Organic's Clarifying Charcoal Face Mask

Clarifying Charcoal Face Mask


Every once in a while, masking is very essential. Saba loves Ilana Organics, an organic brand known for their natural products. She religiously uses the clarifying face mask with charcoal for instant brightening of her face. The product has a clay base and the goodness of charcoal and seaweed (another offbeat skincare elixir) that eliminates skin problems. 

Price: INR 650

The Sass Bar's Rainbow Whipped Soap Scrub

Rainbow Whipped Soap Scrub


There is a scrub cum whipped soap on Saba's must-have list and you need to try hard not to bite into it. The Sass Bar has super-duper pretty dessert-shaped bath and body products and one of her favourite products is the rainbow whipped soap cum scrub that helps in removing dirt and moisturise the skin during winters. PS: It looks sooooo good just like a colourful mousse jar.

INR 550

Myra Veda's Greek Goddess Scrub, Mediterranean Lotion & Japanese Matcha Shampoo

Greek Goddess Scrub, Mediterranean Lotion & Japanese Matcha Shampoo Combo


This pick of Saba's is an awesome skin and haircare combo. She chose the Greek goddess scrub, Mediterranean lotion & Japanese matcha shampoo combo from Myra Veda, a natural skin and haircare brand whose products are paraben-free, sulphate-free, silicon-free and cruelty-free. The scrub helps in repairing and revitalizing skin after exfoliation, shampoo leaves hair shiny and strong while the lotion nourishes the skin.

Price: INR 1373

Kama Ayurveda's Brightening Ayurvedic Night Cream

Brightening Ayurvedic Night Cream


Your night skincare routine can be minimal with the right products. Saba loves her brightening ayurvedic night cream from Kama Ayurveda and it is a very important part of her skincare regime. She loves the non-greasy formula of the products that leaves her skin rejuvenated as well as soothes it. Use it for brightening.

Price: INR 1295