Step Out In Style In These Sustainable & Beautifully Hand Painted Masks!

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Masking and Basking in the Light.

Mask is the only vaccine we have for now (reducing our chances of getting Covid by 5x).
So make way for the new mandate accessory, so let’s flaunt one in Sustainable style.
We are increasing our footprints due to Covid even more than before (so let’s try to keep Covid at bay using sustainable means as much as possible) this mask from Dhanyayaa just achieves the same.
Sustainable, double-layered, made to order, hand painted, uniquely made just for you, come in reusable, recycled packing - just ticks all the boxes perfectly. In short, if you are buying these gorgeous masks you are staying safe and stylish with ethical shopping and supporting local. Let your personality shine with these hand-designed beauties. I definitely recommend it and I am shopping again with her. It makes for a perfect gift too. Breathable, hand-washable, design according to your choice or personality. Flaunt your mask in style.