Escape The City & Spend Quiet Time By This Lake That's Only An Hour's Drive Away


What Makes It Awesome?

Getting bored? We discovered a beautiful village in Mulshi district which is just an hour away from Pune. Visit Hadashi, a hidden gem which is a lovely lakeside picnic spot that has an epic temple and a dam. The best time to visit the place is during monsoons as there is greenery everywhere and you will spot different types of plant species while en route.

This village is around 60 KM away from Chandni Chowk. If you are someone who likes short getaways, this place is ideal for you. Mostly, people visit this place to sit by the serene Hadashi Lake. Bask in the tranquility and spot birds, or you can even take a small boat ride for just INR 50. The Hadashi Dam is a popular picnic spot too and you could take a stroll there or just while away time.

This village has no dearth of beautiful temples of Ganesha and other deities. One such temple which houses a magnificent idol of Lord Pandurang. An architectural marvel, this temple is every photographer's favourite subject. Do not forget to carry your camera as you will have plenty of opportunities to click the green farms, simple huts and capture the rustic village life. 

The trip here is a joyride as you get to spot pristine nature, mountains, fauna and paddy fields.

What Could Be Better?

Network connectivity is a major issue here and most of the major networks do not function properly.


The village is small but surprisingly, it has many beautiful holiday cottages and restaurants. You can stay at the Cozy Cottage, a cozy homestay that's across the lake. Read more about it in our recommendation here.