Shop For Pop-Culture Figures & Toys From Hamleys That's Now Open At Westend Mall

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What Makes It Awesome

Kids and young adults! Hamleys is now in Westend Mall and there is no reason to not go there. While kids worship this place, this toy and entertainment heaven brings out the hidden child in any adults. Have a blast checking out the latest toys and games, and do not miss the annual sale that the store holds.

If you are a fan of pop-culture, find cute pop-figurines and bobbleheads, GOT props and Harry Potter merchandise and a lot more. You can also find quirky wands, toys and themed game kits. They have game boards that you cannot help but check out.

Lego lovers, head to their lego section and play! They have so many Marvel and DC superhero kits and action figures that you can't help but jump in joy. Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Spiderman, Iron Man - you name it and you will find an action figure.

You will also find comics which you can stock up (guilty pleasure)! Some of the finest toys and action figures are exclusively available at Hamleys. Starting at INR 500, there are animal rubber toys which you can collect and make a squad of your own. Similarly there are different kinds of cards and card-based games too!

They keep adding new stuff to their existing collection and almost has all the fine toys ever made. Drop by alone or with your gang (doesn't matter) but unlimited fun is guaranteed.

How Much Did It Cost

₹1000 - ₹3000

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