Get Handmade Soaps, Wax Powders & More From This Homegrown Brand


    What Makes It Awesome

    Can't trust mass production? Then check out Soap Trails, a homegrown brand that makes a number of handmade soaps, wax powders, hair cleansers, and more starting at just INR 30.

    A home-based store, Soap Trails is based on Sinhagad Road. They currently operate as an Instagram store and you can pick options from their feed and check for its availability. The best part is, they're pretty responsive so there's no delay. Almost all of their products are handmade and they try to incorporate as many natural elements as possible. The brand is in an expansion phase, so you will be seeing a number of products being added to their list almost every month. 

    You will find a number of carved soaps, which are also made from core ingredients such as turmeric, cucumber, sandalwood, charcoal and other such things. If you are looking for a particular fragrance in soap, you can get those made as well from them. The prices for them will vary depending upon the fragrance that you have opted for. 

    Along with soaps, they also have products such as body lotion bar, shampoos, face washes, body wash and much more. These are also customisable and the prices depend on the product of your choice. 

    The store also accepts bulk orders. However, you would have to tell them very well in advance

    Photo Source: Soap Trails, Instagram

    What Could Be Better

    We would like to see more products with them.

    How Much Did It Cost

    Under ₹500

    Best To Go With

    Family, Bae