Century-Old Forts To War Cemeteries: The Five Most Haunted Places In Pune That Will Give You The Chills

Avirat posted on 01 September

Ten-Second Takeaway

Love our beautiful city and all that it has to offer in terms of culture, food and lifestyle? With some history to every nook and corner of Pune, you should know by now that some ghost/supernatural stories would exist. So, read on to get spooked by some that we’ve heard.

Khadki War Cemetery

Built in the memory of fallen solders from India who fought the WWII, Locals have often witnessed paranormal activities around this site and advice everyone not to roam in this area past midnight.


Near Holkar Bridge, Mula Road, Khadki, Pune

    Abandoned Bungalow On Residency Club Road

    Almost everyone has seen this colonial house near residency club which seems camouflaged behind a thick cover of trees around it. Locals and passers have reported seeing a woman who keeps an eye on the road. Doesn’t harm anyone, just looks.


    Near Residency Club, Camp, Pune

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      Grave of Alice Richmond, SPPU

      Located inside the campus of Savitribai Phule Pune University is the grave of a British officer’s daughter. Alice Richmond had died in an accident when she fell off her horse. Legend says that, if one sits knowingly or unknowingly on her grave, she taps your shoulder till you don’t get up and leave.

      Schools & Colleges

      Pune University, Ganeshkhind, Pune

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      Sinhagad Fort

      Sinhagad fort has seen a lot of battles in its days of glory. The battles here were so glorious and bloody that residents of the fort have reported hearing war cries and also the sound of hooves against stones.

      Tourist Attractions

      Sinhagad Ghat Road, Thoptewadi, Maharashtra

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      The most famous legend of Pune; the Shanivarwada, has experienced a bloody murder which was said to be carried out for a blood sacrifice.  Locals have always mentioned the legendary cry of the victim, Narayanrao Peshwa, “Kaka mala vachva” {Uncle save me} especially on full moon nights . The situation is such that even the ASI has banned entry inside this historic residence after sunset!


      Shaniwar Peth, Pune

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