Head To This 80-Year-Old Restaurant At Camp For The Love Of Kebabs, Biryani & More

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If you live in Pune, but haven’t eaten at George Restaurant on East Street in Camp – you haven’t really lived! An icon, landmark, stalwart, legend in it’s own right – George Restaurant is widely considered one of the best in the city.

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George was started in 1936, by Englishmen {remember, these were colonial times}. After India’s Independence in 1947, it’s hard to trace the owners – but the current manager Mr. Jawad Jawadi says, that the Restaurant has been run by an Iranian family – the Aryaeis – since 1992. Mr. Jawadi has been managing George for over 25 years now, always a smiling face at their front desk. Famous for their Indo-Mughlai fare, their mutton biryani {INR 350} and butter chicken {INR 330 with bone, INR 300 boneless} are probably the best in Pune. The recipe for their biryani has remained unchanged since the 1940’s – and the taste is consistently delicious. We also love their chicken rotisserie {INR 380, available only in the evening}, as well as the Persian delicacies like jujeh kebab {INR 300} and chello kebab {INR 320, on Monday and Thursday only}. There are Continental specials, snacks, salads, Chinese food, sandwiches, desserts, and even Pizza on the menu – but we highly recommend trying their tandoori kebabs, biryani, and mutton gravy dishes. The food here is halal, and they do not serve beef, pork, or alcohol.

Anything Else?

Their massive ground floor dining area is always packed with patrons, while the air-conditioned upstairs dining has particular times for service. The unsung heroes of George are their staff – friendly and courteous, they have a knack for remembering your face and exact order, even years later. They offer take-away and delivery {to select locations via Swiggy}, so you have the option of taking the food home and stuffing your face in peace. The restaurant also donates their leftover food to NGOs at the end of the night – some of which fill the bellies of humans, and others – animals.

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Get on over to George Restaurant and treat yourself to some scrumptious grub! You’ll be thanking us later.


Great news – we hear they’re opening a new George Restaurant outlet at NIBM Road, in 2018!

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