It's Munching Time! Here's Where You Can Score A Bag Of Hot Chips In Pune

    Are you a chips fanatic? Nothing beats munching on yummy crisps from Hot Chips shops across the city. If you think chips are just made of potato, you'll love the unique flavours which include karela, carrot, spinach, onion and much more. Starting for as low as INR 20 for 100 grams, they make for a perfect snack to munch on if hungry or as a pre-boozing snack.

    Hot Chips, Karve Nagar

    Hot Chips

    Karve Nagar, Pune

    Situated in Kakade Plaza in Karve Nagar, head to Hot Chips Store for all your snacking needs. From onion rings to potato chips, carrot chips to spinach ones, you'll find it all starting at just INR 20.

    Hot Chips, Shanivar Peth

    Hot Chips

    Shaniwar Peth, Pune

    The popular Hot Chips shop in Shaniwar Peth is always buzzing with people coming and shopping to their heart's content for yummy snacks and chips. They also have unique flavours like spinach and karela. The rings are to die for! Not just chips, the farsan place also houses different types of chiwdas, sev and mixtures.

    Hot Chips, Baner Road

    Baner peeps, have a khatta-meetha affair at the Baner Hot Chips counter. Find murukku (South Indian chakli), chaklis, rice crispies, sago chips and other signature chips. Guests coming over or having a booze party? Sort your snack and chakna game with items from Hot Chips.

    Hot Chips, DP Road

    People staying in Aundh, there is a Hot Chips shop in the neighbourhood and you must visit it to stock your snacks and munchies. Make a note that the shop is located inside Bangalore Iyengar Bakery in Ambedkar Chowk and you have to enter the bakery to spot the chips counter.

    Hot Chips, Pashan

    Symbiosis students from the Lavale campus, we know you may be tired of the monotonous mess menu and want something crispy to munch on. Save your trip to the city to stock up your snack boxes and head to the Sus-Pashan road outlet which is near the campus.