Parties Have Gone Online: Here's A Guide To Host A Virtual Party

Sure, with the lockdown relaxing it's easy to meet a friend or two. But, virtual parties are getting increasingly popular. So, we've come up with a guide to help you host one. Whether you're celebrating a birthday, pride or any other occasion, here's everything you'll need.

Get A Zoom Subscription

The easiest way to communicate nowadays, Zoom allows a large group to video conference and has decent connectivity too. The best bit, you can password protect your call, so that no one can crash your party. 

Alternatively, Skype has been a great video calling option for many years. 

Order Food For Everyone


Whether you're in the same or different cities, it's easy to log onto Swiggy or Zomato & send food to a friend. Plan your party menu and send food within your budget to everyone who's invited to the party. 

If you're in the same city, you can give a restaurant or a home-caterer a bulk order and use apps like Dunzo to get the food delivered to all your guests too. 

Plan An Activity Together

You want to keep the party entertaining because you're probably going to run out of conversations at some point. Plan an activity that you and your friends could do together. You can send out a recipe before the party and make a cocktail together, or probably bake a dessert together. We guarantee it'll be fun watching every friend make something easy together, over a video call because there are bound to be a few funny mishaps. You can check out beverage recipes or other easy recipes here

Or turn it into an indoor karaoke party, we've got some tips here. If you and your friends love art, why not follow a tutorial to paint together or pick up any other art form that you can try our hands on together.

Plan A Few Games

Games like Tambola and Skribbl have become popular. They're all multi-player games that you can play for free. It's going to surely keep everyone entertained through the duration of the call. 

Watch A Movie Together

You can end your party with a movie night. allows you to stream a movie with your friends and watch it together virtually. You'll still be able to see each other's reactions and even though, you're not in a movie theatre together, at least you and your friends can watch a movie together. 

Here's our list of the best movies to stream online