How Many Of These Iconic Chinese Eateries Have You Eaten At?

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One of the most popular cuisines in our country – second only to Indian regional food – is Chinese food. You’ll see it almost everywhere you go, either on its own or sharing a menu with Indian fare. Age-old flavours tweaked to suit the Indian palate have done tremendously well – and ‘Indo-Chinese’ or ‘Chindian’ cuisine was born. It’s delicious, no matter what anyone else says. Here’s our round-up of the most iconic old-school Chinese eateries in Pune.


Over 15 years old, Suonmoi is a family favourite Chinese eatery at Bund Garden. We like their ‘Sunmoi’s Special’ soup, hot garlic tofu, garlic fish, duck in chilli soya sauce, and the crab chilli butter garlic {on availability}. They also have a smaller selection of Thai dishes on the menu as well. Pocket-friendly prices, generous portions, and polite service make this an easy choice for when you want to dine out. They also offer home delivery to select areas {but you’ll have to call them personally to place the order}. Read our full recommendation here.

Chung Fa

This charming old eatery on East Street in Camp has been open since 1971, and is still going strong! Serving everything from soups and starters, to ‘combinations’ {of rice, noodles, and gravy} and even Chinese-style sizzlers; it’s tasty and affordable fare. Try their ‘lung fung’ soup, ‘.fried spring chicken’, prawns hot garlic, mixed fried rice, and the ‘spicy prawns sizzler’ Their staff are friendly, and always willing to help with recommendations on what to order. Portions here are substantial, while the prices are light on your pocket.

Uncle's Chinese

Formerly known as ‘Uncle’s Kitchen’, this Indo-Chinese eatery has been a fixture for some of us since our high school days. They started in 2001, and somewhere around 2014, the name was changed to ‘Uncle’s Chinese’, when they also expanded their restaurant to include the space next door. Not much else has changed – both their service and food remain pretty much the same as it always was. Go for their wonton noodle soup, Schezwan fried rice, chicken Manchurian, and paneer chili dry. There’s also a smattering of Thai and other Pan-Asian dishes on the menu, and special ‘combo’ meals which you can order during the day only. It’s value-for-money, Desi-Chinese that’s ideal comfort food.

Aahling Chinese Corner

Another oldie-but-goldie, is Aahling Chinese Corner, opposite Ruby Hall at Dhole Patil Road. Open since 1994, this inconspicuous eatery serves home-style Chinese food. Do try their paneer in red chilli Peking sauce, apple chicken in hot garlic sauce, hakka noodles, and Peking fried rice. Ahling’s tasteful old-school vibe is inviting, their flavours are original, and the prices are light on your wallet.

Chinese Room

Chinese Room is just about 47 years old now, having opened in 1976. Though their menu primarily features Chinese fare, there are a couple of other cuisines like Thai and Korean thrown into the mix, as well. Go for their ‘Drums of Heaven’ {chicken}, veggies in ‘dakchin sauce’, roast pork, Hunanese-style surmai, and chowmein {noodles}. Remember to save room for their date pancakes with vanilla ice cream, for dessert!


Now with four outlets across Pune {Lulla Nagar, Aundh, Pimple Saudagar, Kharadi}, Kimling has grown immensely popular since their opening in 2011. Run by a Chinese family {a sibling duo, we’ve heard} that were born and raised in India, their food has a reputation of being consistently delicious. Dishes you must try, are their ‘exotic veg stir-fry’, Kung-pao chicken, Sichuan-style Lamb, Mapo tofu, and pork sweet-n-sour. It’s hearty food, without breaking the bank. Follow them on Facebook here for the latest updates, or order online here.

Anything Else?

We couldn’t leave out Shee Chinese – one of the oldest restaurants in the city, started in 1930 by a Chinese family when they migrated to India. Their food isn’t terribly consistent, but they’re worth checking out for some simple, old-school food made using heritage family recipes. Find them on Facebook here.