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We Found An Artist That Makes Hand-Painted Accessories Starting At INR 500

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What Makes It Awesome?

Get your hands on some really cool hand-painted shoes, t-shirts, jackets, bags and much more from Introveart. The online store makes a number of cool merchandise according to your needs and stories starting at INR 500. 

A passionate artist, Chandani Advani, began channeling her skills with the brush towards creating unique and one-of-a-kind merch for people. With an intention to add value to art in India, she began her journey a few years ago, and since then, has been creating fabulous pieces.

Currently working from her home in Pune, Advani accepts orders via her Facebook as well as Instagram page. Her passion for art is clearly visible through her work. She has been learning art since the time she was a child and all those years of practice are now creating awesome and unique merch for everyone.

You can get a number of merchandise made here. The best part is that, since all her pieces are hand painted, there is no replication of any merchandise in any form. This means, you will have a completely unique piece in the whole world for yourself. 

You can get a pair of hand-painted shoes. You can either provide her with the shoe that you want to get painted or you can ask Advani to source it on her own. However, she prefers to get the merch sourced on her own because her choice and preference of material makes it easier for her to work with. You can also get shirts, jackets, snapbacks, t-shirts, bags and all kinds of merch painted. 

You can either provide her with the design that you have in mind or have a one-on-one conversation with the artist and tell her what exactly you want to be painted for you. Along with merchandise painting Advani also does commissioned paintings as well.

What Could Be Better?

We are eagerly waiting for her to come up with her own studio. 


Try to provide her with new merchandise, whichever you want to get painted. Old ones might be a little difficult to paint.