Did You Know This Farm With A Private Lake, BBQ & More Is Only 2 Hours Away From The City?

Karjat Farm Estate

What Is It?

We stumbled upon the Karjat Farm Estate and fell for its beautiful boutique rooms, the lap pool, a nursery and more. Perfect for large groups, this place is where you should be spending your next long weekend.

How Do I Get There?

It takes a little more than two hours to reach Karjat from Pune, via the Mumbai – Pune highway. You can either drive down and follow this route or a book a bus from here.

What Is So Awesome About It?

Lapped in the valley of Ulhas, Karjat is a nice place for a great escapade for the next long weekend. This 20-acre farm estate will blow your mind with its lap pool, manicured lawns, a private lake, a master cottage, plant nursery and more.

This farm estate is designed by Neelam Sagar and have five boutique rooms that are named after a flowering tree grown at the farm. The rooms are called Parijat, Palash, Ashmantak, Amaltas and Basant Rani.

Get a cup of chai on a misty morning and head out in the evening for a quick stroll in the nursery, or just have an awesome barbecue night with the squad.

Price: INR 35,021 per night for 13 guests

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So, We're Saying...

Take a break from your mundane city life, gather the gang and head here.


Carry a mosquito repellent because it’s a farm stay and you’d need some protection from insect and bug bites.

Karjat Farm Estate