We Bet You Didn't Know About This Waterfall Just 2 Hours Away From Pune

    Lonavala, Pune


    Kataldhaar is a seasonal waterfall located in the Ulhas valley, just outside Lonavala. Not only are the falls gorgeous, but the trek through the dense tropical forest (to get there) is a scenic one, too. 

    What Makes It Awesome?

    Kataldhaar is a 'hidden gem' in that it's not as mainstream as some of the other trekking sites around Pune and Lonavala. Named 'katal' - meaning wall of rock, and 'dhaar' - meaning waterfall, because the water literally breaks onto rocks at the base, forming a misty spray that hangs in the air. We recommend you take a local train from Pune to Lonavala since one of the most popular routes to the falls starts from there itself. Some say the trek should take you just under 2 hours, but others say that a more scenic, off-the-beaten-path trek can take between 3-4 hours (each way). Kataldhaar falls are close to Rajmachi fort, and the trek offers spectacular views of the same. 

    What Could Be Better?

    The descent into Ulhas valley is slippery - which of course, can't be helped - so remember to wear sturdy shoes which have a good grip. 


    The trek to Kataldhaar is moderately easy, but not recommended for novice trekkers or those with no trekking experience. We also suggest you do this trek with an experienced guide, as it's said to be easy to get lost in the forest. 
      Lonavala, Pune