Pune Has An Exclusive Toy Library & You Can Rent Educational Toys

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What Makes It Awesome

Kids, who said you can ever have enough toys? Get beautiful toys and games from Kiddokin Toy Library on Synagogue street in Camp and add fun to your play dates. Now spend your money some place else and find educational and developmental toys that stimulate a child's creativity.

Kids often get bored with the same toys and stop playing with them Parents would understand the pain of throwing away the toys they have spent all their hard-earned money on. Also, with more inclination towards video games and TV, it becomes difficult to find engaging toys for kids that are also good for their thinking and creativity. This is when Kiddokin comes into the picture.

This unique library which is the brainchild of Samiksha Agarwal, a paediatric dentist offers subscriptions on a monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annual basis. Starting at INR 500 per month and a deposit of INR 1000, you can rent up to three toys for a week.

We love the variety that they house. Not only the kids will remain engaged, they will be highly benefitted too. The toys are suitable for kids between an age group of 6 months to 10 years. Make a note that the library is open on Wednesday and Saturday between 10 AM to 3 PM. Do drop by to check out this creative nook!

Picture Credits: Team Kiddokin

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