Fish Lamps, Clay Bottles & More: 6 Things We Bought From Kumbharwada For As Low As INR 10


    While the Kumbharwada at Kasba Peth continues to exist, most of the potters have relocated their business at Keshav Nagar, near Mundhwa. Located far, far away from the main city, amidst dusty roads, commercial societies and roadside shacks, the new Kumbharwada maintains its age-old charm and simplicity through breathtaking handmade clay products and warm greetings by each shop owner. On our recent visit here, we found six amazing things for as low as INR 10, that can give any high-end item a run for its money. Read more to find out.

    Fish Diya & Table Top Decor

    Get down at the last bus stop in Keshav Nagar, and this quaint shop that goes by the name, Somnath Matka Bhandar will fall to your immediate left. While they are known for their collection of beautiful flower pots and clay cutlery, we were hooked on to this pretty little fish diya for INR 100. Hang it in your terrace garden or at entrance of your house for a unconventional earthy touch.

    We also found gorgeous table top decor including a tribal mask {for INR 150} that can be hung on the wall and a quirky horse-shaped stationery holder {INR 200} for your work space.

    Earthen Water Bottles

    Why drink refrigerated water, when it can be kept cold naturally in clay bottles! Where to score them from? We found these elegant bottles with floral designs {for INR 200} at Kumbhkala Matka Bhandar, a store that has been there at Kumbharwada for the past 20 years. If you cannot locate the shop, call the owner at 9822113879 for more details.

    Stone & Glitter Flower Pots

    Our next stop at Kumbharwada was at this 15-year-old shop called Tejas Matka Bhandar, where we found stunning flower pots in neon yellow, hot pink, orange and red. Starting at INR 50 a piece, pick these to add some color and spunk to your little garden.

    Wall Hangings & Lanterns

    We bough these beautiful pieces of earthen lanterns with floral carvings from Somnath Matka Bhandar. Handcrafted to perfection, each piece is priced at INR 120 and is definitely worth a buy. If you’re in to DIY, paint these in vibrant hues of red or yellow, to brighten up your space.

    And while you’re there, don’t forget to check out these handmade clay wind chimes with tiny petals and birds on them, starting as low as INR 80.

    Miniature Clay Figurines


    Kumbharwada, Mumbai

    We stumbled across these cute little clay figurines that were being made at a small shop near the Ganapati temple at Kumbharwada. Priced at INR 10 a pop, they have everything from lions to parrots, dogs, elephants, soldiers, cannons and even wrestlers. Keep these as table top decor or simply use them as paper weights at work. How cool is that?

    Engraved Vases

    We found these artistic engraved vases at a quaint nursery, opposite Balakrishna Lawns, approximately two kilometres from Kumbharwada. Priced at INR 100, the pots have beautiful patterns and scenery engraved on them, that make it quite different from mundane ceramic vases.