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A Trip To Italy? Treat Yourself To Authentic Italian Food At La Sicilia

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What Makes It Awesome?

La Sicilia Bistro & Patisserie: The restaurant is based on the Italian theme, a very well decorated and created a welcoming feel. The place is classy as well as comfortable.

The food and the beverages are really good to start with
1. The kiwi coconut quencher, a very unique and a different drink which is refreshing.
The flavour is very strong. The drink is also topped with an ice cream cube, as the cube melts in the drink the taste enhances.
2. The Virgin mojito was equally good and strong.

Coming to the food,
1. Cajun chicken, the Cajun based dish is supposed to be spicy so it's a bliss for spice lovers. The chicken was fresh and very well cooked.
The spice will hit you with a lot of flavours.
2. Lamb keema bao, the bao is homemade, it's super soft. The stuffing was delicious.
3. Tuscan grilled chicken, an amazing, outstanding and delicious dish. The chicken was perfectly grilled, served with rice. The wholesome bite will give you a very flavourful experience.
4. Spicy paprika chicken pizza, they have different choices for the base. We choose the super-thin wafer crust. The chicken topping on the pizza was spicy and flavourful.
5. Butter chicken lasagna, the lasagna was scrumptious, the taste of butter chicken hits you at first and ends with a spicy note.
The apple pie was well baked, served with ice cream was pure bliss.