Eco-Accessorising: Stay Unbeleafably On Trend With This Eco-Friendly Brand

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Leafy Affair

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What Makes It Awesome?

Did you collect flowers and press them in fat books as a kid? We did! And we found a brand that does that too, but uses the pressed flowers and more to make pretty jewellery. Leafy Affair, as the name suggests, is all about nature and the greens.

Started by Supriya Donthi, Leafy Affair is one of the first online brands in India that designs jewellery and accessories with leaves and all kinds of nature-friendly products - terrarium jewellery. Supriya’s fascination with terrariums began when she was browsing through the paper and came across a stunning piece of terrarium jewellery. The idea of adorning nature struck a strong chord with her and that’s what began the journey of Leafy Affair. She followed artists from around the world, learnt the art, practised and then crafted her precious designs and products. The most interesting part? Leafy Affair’s line of terrarium treasures are made with preserved moss and requires no special care. They are preserved forever and are handmade.

We love their collection of necklaces starting at INR 799 and earrings starting at INR 749. They are mostly made me beautiful preserved flowers or moss’s that make the pieces look so exquisite, that we just couldn’t take our eyes off them. Leafy Affair also pays a lot of attention to their packaging and their products come in a beautiful wooden box. 

Pro Tip

If you are looking for something special to gift someone or a souvenir for yourself, Leafy Affair personalises your piece of accessory. You can pick and choose the shape of your bottle, colour(s) of the beautiful moss and the charms to go with it.