The Best & The Deadliest LIITs In Pune Under INR 699

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The quickest way to achieve a buzz, is by sipping a Long Island Iced Tea – LIIT – on a night out. A combination of vodka, tequila, light rum, gin, triple sec, and a splash of coke – this amber-coloured ‘tea’ is way more powerful than it looks. Remember to drink responsibly! Here are some of our favourite bars in Pune to hit up for an LIIT.

Swig - Bar & Eatery

Make the most of Swig’s happy hours {until 9pm, daily} with an order of their long and strong LIIT {INR 500+}. One of Pune’s most popular watering holes, Swig is now in Koregaon Park, SB Road and Balewadi High Street. The best bit: All three outlets serve a boozy LIIT. 

Elephant & Co

At local hot-spot Elephant & Co. in Kalyani Nagar, you can either order your LIIT by the glass, or by the pitcher. It has 200ml of alcohol in it, which is more than what most of the bars put in their LIITs. They say ‘one glass is enough’, so try their classic version of the LIIT, or go for the more interesting ‘herbal tea LIIT’  – which we’re quite intrigued by. The herbal tea LIIT helps you stay hydrated, and is popular because of the lighter hangover. By the glass, it’ll cost you INR 520+, or share a pitcher with your squad for INR 2100+.

The High Spirits

There’s more than one way to drink an LIIT at The High Spirits! Go for the classic version with a twist – head bartender Thiru’s secret recipe {INR 400+}, or try a version with Red Bull {INR 550+}, or the addition of JD Tennessee whiskey {INR 800+}. Thiru is a master at what he does, and his legendary LIIT will certainly elevate your evening to a new high.

Baraza Bar & Bites

New kid on the block Baraza Bar and Bites at Ishanya Mall is a hidden gem for delicious cocktails. Mixologist Pranav Mody {also of The Sassy Spoon} is a magician when it comes to potent potions. His version of the classic, is the ‘Big Daddy LIIT’ {INR 699+}; featuring a citrus twist that makes this concoction so palatable, you’ll be ordering seconds and thirds.

The Urban Foundry

The BIG Foundry LIIT can be ordered solo or community-style, *if* you feel like sharing. Served in a reaaally tall glass, this LIIT is a guaranteed bang for your buck.

F.C Road Social

Now if you are aware of the Social culture, you know they take their LIITs very seriously. In fact they call it LLIIT - Longest Long Island Iced Tea. These potent concussions come in classic, toxic and electric flavours starting INR 550 only. We would suggest going for the electric one as the blue colour really does get to you after a few sips. In Pune, Social has two locations - Pheonix Mall and F.C Road and you can access their full menu at both these places.


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