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Tranquil Tales: You'll Totally Enjoy Serenity & Blue Waters At This Lonavala Lake

    Lonavala, Pune

    What Makes It Awesome?

    Situated at about an hour’s drive away from Pune, is the beautiful and tranquil Lonavla lake a.k.a. Tungarli lake which serves as the perfect location for some quiet or romantic time. 

    The trip to Lonavla lake can be done through various ways. You could take the regular Mumbai-Pune express highway and the detour at Lonavala, the drive will take you about an hour and about 15-20 mins to the lake, once you're in Lonavala. Or travel by the local train for INR 15 only, you'll find ample rickshaws outside Lonavala station who you could hire to drive you there.

    The tranquil lake surrounded by mountains shows the best sunsets which prove to be an awesome location for you two or your gang for enjoying the best of the times. Most people drive to the lake for a bit and head back. But, you can also take a boat ride in the lake or just dip your feet in the cold water whilst reading a book or posing for those perfect “candids”. You could also pack a small picnic and while away more time by the lake, if the weather pleases you.

    There are various resorts, hotels, motels, etc., around the lake if and when you decide to wait and watch the sunrise as well.


    The best time to visit the Lonavala lake is between September to October.

      Lonavala, Pune