Turkish Coffee, Jazz Music & Sheesha: Every Pune Student Needs To Head Here

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Jazz music with a hot cup of Turkish coffee; there’s a reason why Shisha Jazz Café is so popular with the college crowd in Pune. Stop by for to have a relaxing evening and chill with your friends!

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Shisha Café was born out of a mutual love for music that the founders Mehdi and Prithvi shared. So it was brought into being as an Iranian Coffee shop cum Jazz parlour.

At Shisha Café you get to enjoy authentic Iranian cuisine in a very traditional set up. So basically, you get the whole experience. All the way from the elaborate diwans to the white marble tables, the experience is bound to be memorable.

If you ever walk in at odd hours, their all-day menu would be ready to greet you with hot beverages and a bounty of lip-smacking treats. Shisha Café is recognised as the most happening Jazz spot in Pune. What’s more, they even let guests perform. So, if you’re brimming with talent and need a place to jam with a few other Jazz lovers, you just need to sign up to perform through a link on their website!

Here’s a tip, make sure to visit them on a Thursday evening. Shisha Café invites the most well-known Jazz artists from in and around Pune. They even have an Annual Jazz Fest in August! {Read: DO NOT MISS!}

So, We're Saying...

Awesome food, ambience to remember and the most chill music ever, Shisha Café has all the reasons to justify its popularity and our fandom!