Don't Play Safe: Give Your Hair A Unicorn Colour Makeover

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Sometimes when you want to colour your hair, it’s a little difficult to choose which colour you might want. But Bizarre — The Salon at Lulla Nagar, has solved this problem with unicorn hair colour!

What Makes It Awesome?

Bold enough to colour your hair crazy? Bizarre brings you the unique unicorn colour service that will make your hair standout. You can choose from a plethora of colours – from rainbow mixes to 50 shades of pink to electric blue and green. Get yourself a bold makeover, starting at INR 2,500 {exclusive of GST}.

The unicorn hair colour can be done on hair of any texture and takes different forms with different hairstyles!


Taking good care of hair is absolutely necessary post the hair colour. Make sure you check out Bizarre's various hair treatments.