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Meat Lovers! This Bistro Is A New Destination Just For You!

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What Makes It Awesome?

This has to be one of the best experiences I had to date! Everything about Level 5 Bistro & Bar had a unique charm and appeal, and it all was commendable. There are places which you really enjoy, but then there are places like this which makes you remember them when you are feeling a bit low or gloomy, the soothing interior with wooden brown stuff and the pretty lights accompanied by the calm music is what makes this place so comforting, along with that the live counters operating for pizzas and watching people from all age groups from working professionals to elders and kids enjoying their meal makes it more admirable.

I personally don't like mushrooms but the heavy rains and the comforting atmosphere made me try the wild mushroom soup. The soup did have a variety of mushrooms that gave it a thick creamy consistency. It was served along with a bruschetta topped with sauteed mushrooms. I was skeptical before tasting the soup, but the moment I had the first sip the distinct taste of the mushrooms made me enjoy the depth of flavours.

The starters indeed took me on a ride of flavours that I thoroughly enjoyed. I come across new dishes very often, but the prawn toast was something very new to me, the bread slice had prawns topped with sesame seeds, the prawns were nicely crushed and placed on the toast, which tasted really great! The next dish we had was the sesame fried paneer. The paneer often has the risk of losing its tenderness, but this dish had the paneer with crispy coating outside and tender paneer inside, with good taste.
The shawarma chicken kebab was a delightful treat that I really enjoyed, it had hummus, pita bread, salads, and toppings accompanied with the shawarma, the wholesome dish does make you enjoy the variety of taste palette.
Next, I had was the tempura corn, a better version of crispy corn with more depth in the simple yet addictive flavour of fresh corn.

Now coming to the mains, the one consistent thing which I observed about this place is that they actually made me indulge in an experience of tasting which was soothing to the core!

Firstly, I had ‘Mushroom, Artichoke, Peppers, Broccoli, and Baby Corn’ Pizza. It was not a regular pizza which you can find in the usual pizza outlets where it is all loaded with sauces and cheese, this was a thin crust pizza not over baked or undercooked but baked till perfect golden crisp. I had heard before coming to the place about the pizza's served here at Level 5, and it did stand true to the praises.

This probably would be the only place where I had the ultimate Ham and Cheese Croissant. I was already full, after having all of these things, but when it came to the Ham and Cheese Croissant I could not stop myself from devouring it with the maximum content and joy! The ham was on point, with the cheese and the caramelized onions with an egg inside, again with the bang on the presentation that kept me mesmerized and had me craving more dishes and this ultimate experience! This dish will always remain one of my favourite dishes and memory.

I also had pork ribs, not being much of a fan of the dish, I was still convinced to taste it, where I got to have the meat was very tender and soft, whereas the fat sometimes makes it chewy and hard to eat, this dish delivered a perfect blend of flavour.
Having rainy weather outside and the gloomy weather, I had to treat myself with the Filter Coffee, ditching all the pretty cocktails and Mocktails being served.

I had the gourmet ice-creams which were very unique to the normal taste buds, the rum and raisins had a good blend of taste but strawberry and basil gourmet ice-cream won my heart!

Visiting this place is not just an experience but a journey of flavours that takes you on a ride which stays in your memory making you eagerly wait for the next opportunity that will let you hop on this exquisite ride of perfect tastes and preparation. I had the opportunity to meet the sweet and charming owner of the place Amrita. I would completely love to go and sit there and watch her and these talented people create the magic and the things that go behind creating such amazing dishes and how particular she is about it while trying out the new dishes and indulge in one of the best experience of my life.

This place even though being in the busiest parts of city has ample 6 storey parking which has been made keeping the customer's convenience in mind.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Big Group, Family, Bae, Kids