Check Into This Mansion With A Jacuzzi & Bar Room

Avirat posted on 15 November


Ever wanted to throw that Bollywood-style birthday party with pool tables, a wood bar, a swimming pool and an in-house jacuzzi? Then homies, you’ve got to book this kick-ass Mehta Mansion in Lonavala.

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With seven large bedrooms {with extra mattresses}, an in-house jacuzzi, private swimming pool, game rooms, bar room, manicured lawns, lush greenery and so much more to offer, a night stay at The Mehta mansion is just not going to seem enough!

It’s not just parties with friends that can happen over here, if you’ve always wanted that Hum Aapke Hai Kaun themed wedding, boss, Mehta mansion is the obvious answer! {Of course it’s going to cost more}.

The mansion has a kitchen that is always stocked up. So you can cook your own meals or ask the caretaker to do it for you at an extra cost.

This glamorous mansion can hold around 16 to 26 guests at a time for INR 34,969/night. If you’re a bunch of 26 peeps, you’ll spend just around 1,300 per person.

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Sort your party scenes at the Mehta mansion in Lonavla!