‘Tis All Things Christmas: Head To Phoenix Marketcity For A Jolly Day!


    What Makes It Awesome

    ‘Tis the season to say ‘tis the season, guys! Christmas is here (okay, almost here) and hands down it’s our favourite holiday season! Well, Punekars definitely love to embrace the Christmas spirit with decor, lights, carols, cakes, shopping and more! And like every year, this time too we know just the place where you can head to indulge in all sorts of Christmas merry-making! Well, no guesses there, it’s our favourite shopping destination a.k.a Phoenix Marketcity in Viman Nagar! And we heard, they have transformed the space into a Christmas wonderland with their splendid decor - ‘The Midas Christmas’.

    The decor consists of four main Christmas themed installations - At the south entrance, they have The Pegasus- Which is basically an installation of the mythical winged horse drawing a royal cart. The mammoth structure exudes a grandeur charm and gives a dreamy touch to the festive vibes. Juxtaposed to the Pegasus, there are these Mandala arches known as the Icy Mandalas. The enormity of the setup is like a tableau of snowflake geometry frozen in time and it looks breathtakingly beautiful. As you make your way to the main atrium, you will witness the Messengers of Joy which consists of 6 geometrically sculpted gold reindeer, and at the base of it is the 40ft golden Christmas tree (woah)! Not only that, if you by any chance take the north entrance, you will be welcomed with splendid Frosty Waves, an installation powered by a kinetic source, setting the arctic elements in motion. Is it even Christmas without Gingerbread? We’re glad that good folks at Phoenix Marketcity feel the same way. They have a Gingerbread House put up on the Zara Platform. It’s made of Ginger based biscottis, held together by icing sugar for an adhesive. All the installations at the mall are lined with a gold finish resembling the majestic Midas Touch!

    Besides experiencing this visual treat, you can indulge in retail therapy and shop for some Christmas gifts, grab some delish food, treat yourself to some nice coffee (or hot chocolate!) We’re sure this will definitely put you in a jolly good mood! So, gather your squad and head to Phoenix Marketcity in Viman Nagar and spread the Christmas cheer!