Bag These 5 Joker & Witch Minimal Accessories

NYE is almost here and you definitely want to look chic. But while you've adorned sequinned gowns and glam cocktail dresses, ensure your jewellery is minimal. After all, you don't want to look too bling. 

Joker & Witch's collection is my favourite for minimal accessories. Their collection is great for work and if you want to subdue a loud outfit. Here are 5 pieces I loved from their collection that are worth adding to your cart. 

Two Moon Gold-Tone Marble Cuff

The cuff's gold tone is not too loud despite a glossier finish. The matted marble helps subdue the piece too. I love the marbled moon, and it's available in black and white. You can style a casual, formal or a work outfit with this cuff because it's very versatile. It could even be your signature piece of jewellery.

Classic Black Choker With Pearl Detail

Is edgy your kind of style? This pearl detail adds a feminine touch to an otherwise edgy black choker. Don't be shy to wear this with an Indian outfit too. But as your focus is NYE this week, the choker would honestly complement any dress, top or jumpsuit you wear You just need to ensure the neckline is wider so you can show it off.

Ripple Sheet Earrings

Whether you're wearing a dark-coloured outfit or a lighter shade, these ripple sheet earrings would uplift any outfit. I absolutely love this pair because I would totally wear it to wear, to a party or even on an Indian outfit - and it would look SO good! These earrings are also very lightweight, so if you're someone who hates heavy earrings, this isn't a bad buy.

Statement Line & Hoop Earrings

If you love hoops, make a statement with this pair. It has no frills, and is very simple and unique. I defeinitely haven't seen a similar design and I absolutely love hoops. They add so much to an outfit! It has a post back with a stopper and is very lightweight too. If you're wearing a simple LBD, accessorise with this pair and you'll look classic. 

Minimalistic Gold Plated Ring

I love rings! If you love them as much as me, this gold ring is what you MUST get. It is so minimalist and simple, who wouldn't love it? While I'm not a fan of gold or gold-plated jewellery, this isn't that bold and looks classy. I love the detail in design too.