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Get A Homely Punjabi Tiffin Starting At INR 65 A Day

Go Dabbas

What Makes It Awesome?

If you’re in and around Baner and have got a really tight schedule which doesn’t allow you to eat healthy, order from Go Dabbas. 

A tiffin service, Go Dabbas has a limited menu and offers a home-style North Indian dabba. You can opt for vegetarian or non-vegetarian food.

You can choose between bitty dabbas (three chapattis, seasonal vegetables and salad) priced at INR 65 for veg and INR 85 for non-veg, burpy dabbas (three chapattis+rice+dal+ seasonal vegetables+salad) and big belly dabba (four chapattis+two vegetables+curd+rice+dal+salad+dessert).

If you'd rather eat something that's less extravagant, you can choose from kadhi pakoda chawal, dal khichdi, curd rice, chicken biryani, veg biryani or chole chawal. The portion serves one and is a simple meal.


Pre-ordering is a must for Go Dabbas as they only make food to order. You can order via Zomato.

Go Dabbas