KP'S Favourite Momo Cart Is Now A Full-Fledged Restaurant & Here Are The New Dishes They're Serving

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Serving us piping hot momos from a pop-up cart outside the PMC Garden in lane 6 since 2004, everyone’s favourite “momo guys” {a.k.a. Vikrant and Anil} now finally have a brick-and-mortar eatery of their own!

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Their cult-status popularity necessitated opening their own official eatery. So in Feb 2017, ‘Momo’s Corrner’ officially opened up, and now occupies their own shop space just a few meters away from their original spot in Lane 6. There are a few tables inside for seating, and a space to sit outside while you wait for your order. You can enjoy your food piping hot right away, or pack it up and take it home with you. In addition to their regular chicken {starting at INR 70} and veg {starting at INR 50} momos, they have added fried momos, paneer momos {available steamed, fried, and tandoor-style}, and the Delhi favourite: tandoor momos {yes, that’s actually a thing now}. Each plate of six momos is served with their own super-spicy chili sauce – except for the tandoor momos, which are served with a side of green chutney.

Anything Else?

In their front courtyard/waiting area, there’s also a fresh fruit juice vendor serving fresh juice, shakes, and even sliced fruit plates. Other beverages available on the Momo’s Corrner menu are iced tea, cold coffee, mosambi {sweet lime} juice, and orange juice.

So, We're Saying...

Their momo wrappings are thin, and the stuffing is always substantial and delicious. Weekends here are incredibly hectic, so try and score a plate earlier, or order in.