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Trek & Set Up A Night Camp At Vichitragad Fort, 2 Hours From Pune


    Weekends sometimes seem too short and so you might find yourself looking for getaways close to the city. Which is why you need to know about the quaint and lesser-known; Vichitragad a.k.a Rohida Fort, just a two-hour drive away from Pune.

    What Makes It Awesome?

    The various ways to get to Bhor are through road and rail, but to really absorb the rustic-feel of this place we’d recommend an adventurous bike ride for which you can hire a bike from Wheel Street, starting at INR 400 per day. You can take bikes till the foothills of the fortress and from there trek {which takes only an hour to the top} to the main entrance of the fort.

    What Makes It Awesome?

    Vichitragad fort isn’t among the very popular forts around the city and hence it’s serene, less crowded, peaceful and most importantly, clean! The fact that it is peaceful makes it our greatest reason for spending weekends here. The most attractive part of this fort is the second gate, which has elephant heads on each of its sides. The views from Vichitragad are breathtaking.

    The fort is an amazing spot for nature lovers and history enthusiasts. The rock-cut tanks offer naturally cold water which is surprisingly refreshing. Also, with the permission of the fort officials, one can set up a night camp at the fort itself.


    Ask local residents to cook you some delicious local food. They’d be happy to so for a small price.