Munch On Sweets At This 80-Year-Old Bakery & Ice Cream Parlour In Camp

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Before Marz-O-Rin came into existence {in the mid-60s}, there was only Pasteur Bakery and Dairy. This 80+ year old establishment has been dishing out the yummiest cakes and biscuits since colonial times, and not much has changed, since.

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Currently owned and operated by the Yaveri family, Pasteur has been bifurcated into the ‘Bakery’, and ‘Ice Cream Parlour’ {formerly the Dairy section}. Their bakery section extends far behind the shopfront, where the production of breads, sweet and savoury biscuits, cakes, rolls, puffs, and other goodies takes place throughout the day. You can also find veg and non-veg eats like puffs, stuffed rolls, burgers, sandwiches and juice, here. We liked their chicken roll {INR 30}, which was still warm from the oven when we ate it. Other specialties include their macroons, cheese straws, plum cakes, and mawa cakes. Pasteur’s dessert parlour next door serves delicious vegetarian snacks and street-style chaat, in addition to their famous softy, sundaes, and other flavoured ice creams. Heartier options like pav-bhaaji, parathas, pizza, chole bhatura, dal kachori, and the fancy fried potato-on-a-stick also feature on their menu. Seating is sparsely available, so you’re more likely to have to stand and eat your food at one of their counters. Weekends find this place packed with families and youngsters, so a leisurely time to visit would be on a weekday afternoon.

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Their freshly baked macroons {not to be confused with the French macarons} are a treat to eat; available in two flavours: almond, and coconut. Priced at INR 12 per piece and INR 144/dozen, you must try them at Pasteur’s bakery. If you’re in the mood to indulge, their fresh cream cakes will cost you between INR 250 – INR 400 per pound. Available in the standard black forest, and pineapple, they also have butterscotch, caramel, blueberry, kiwi, mango, strawberry, and a few more butter-cream variations. At the ice cream parlour, go for their basket chaat {INR 100}, hot samosas with chutney {INR 40}, SPDP {INR 60}, 2-in-1 softy {chocolate-vanilla, INR 30} or their chocolate-dip softy {INR 50}.


It is also possible to place orders in advance for their bakery goods, over the phone or ad-hoc. We hear their marzipan goodies at Easter time are well worth the wait!